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Schedule a free phone meeting to determine how we can serve your family's and your student's college admissions needs.

Initial Consultaton

At the first consultation we will explore how the student and his/her family can prepare for and succeed in the college admissions process. By the conclusion of the first meeting the student and family should have an understanding of how colleges will evaluate the student, which colleges to research, how to support the student's college admissions goals and how to prepare an effective resume/activity list.

Single Consultations

This option allows students and their families to schedule one-hour appointments as needed to follow up on subjects discussed in the initial consultation. Single Consultations can also be used for application preparation, including essay editing.

Essay Writing

We can help students who have not had an initial consultation with essay guidance and editing in one-hour sessions. We also offer semi-private essay writing and application preparation sessions.

Resume Writing​

We can assist adults and students with the preparation of resumes for academic or professional purposes.

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