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Barbara Connolly's TEDx Talk Named One of the Top 50 Viewed in 2021

"I am proud to say that my TEDx talk was named one of the 50 most popular TEDx talks in 2021! My talk was ranked number 30 for 2021, with over 200,000 views in six months."

–Barbara Connolly

Podcast: Small Business Big Life

Derick Van Ness interviewed Barbara Connolly in Episode 16 - "The Rewards of Hard Work" on February 22, 2021.

Small Business Big Lifei.png

Print Media: Oakland County Legal News

The Oakland County Legal News featured a story about the origins of Barbara Connolly's passion for educational consulting on

July 7, 2020.

Tom's Harvard Graduation - Family Photox

Local News Interview

Barbara Connolly was interviewed by Charlie Langton on Fox2 News Weekend in Detroit, on  March 8, 2020.  Charllie and Barbara talked about college admissions decisions and the impact of the coronavirus on campus visits.

Local News Interview

Barbara Connolly was interviewed by Alicia Smith for WMYB, Channel 20 in Detroit, on January 30, 2020.  Alicia and Barbara talked about what seniors and younger students can do to improve their chances of being admitted to the college of their choice.

Local Radio: Sunday Edition

Alisa Zee and Barbara Connolly discussed family, college planning, how trade schools can launch students into great careers, and the value of a gap year for her "Sunday Edition" radio show.  The show aired February 9th 2020 at 6 a.m. on 97.1 FM, 104.3 FM, 99.5 FM, 1270 AM, and 98.7 FM.

Alisa Zee.jpg

Print Media: Oakland Press

Barbara Connolly's column on college admissions decisions was published on December 16, 2019 in the Oakland Press and seven other MediaNews Group publications.

7 Steps to College Admissions

Local News Interview

Barbara Connolly was interviewed by Charlie Langton on Fox 2 News Weekend in Detroit, Michigan on December 8, 2019.

Charlie and Barbara discussed how a private college counselor can help with college applications and admissions. They also discussed ACT/SAT scores and grades needed for admission to local colleges.

Local News Interview 

Barbara Connolly was interviewed by Maurielle Lue on Fox 2 News Weekend in Detroit on September 1, 2019


Barbara Connolly was a featured business owner in DOWNTOWN Magazine Birmingham Bloomfield July 1, 2019.


Local News Interview

Barbara Connolly was interviewed by Jason Colthorp for Channel 4 Local News in Detroit in her office located in Birmingham, Michigan on March 13, 2019.

Television Interview

Barbara Connolly was interviewed by Dr. Linda Sircus in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for the cable program "Managing the

Problems of Daily Living" on December 13, 2018. Dr. Sircus and Barbara discussed helping families manage the college admissions process.

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