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Unique Programs at the University of Michigan

unique programs at University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is one of the best options in the country for students who want to experience both intimate intellectual communities—usually associated with small liberal arts schools—while also exploring the wide variety of programs available at a larger research university. With more than 280 degree programs and more than 100 minors offered in LSA (College of Literature, Arts, and Sciences) alone, students at UMich have access to some unusual academic programs that are unavailable at most other schools. Here are a few of our favorites:

Offering bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD-level programs, UMich’s School of Kinesiology is one of the best-regarded in the country—and it offers the unusual opportunity to complete a highly focused pre-professional degree program while also having access to liberal arts courses. With tracks in movement science, applied exercise science, and sports management (a highly popular program), students have the opportunity to be more specific in their career direction than is possible at the undergraduate level at other schools. 

This is another highly focused pre-professional program. At peer schools, students interested in an actuarial career path may need to focus in a related major like statistics or data science. However, the actuarial mathematics major within LSA allows a direct path to actuarial science, with courses geared specifically toward this career path. This is the perfect opportunity for specialized coursework and networking for students who are confident in their choice of actuarial science as a career. 

At many universities, majors in film, TV, and media studies focus on film theory at the undergraduate level. Students who wish to pursue careers in the entertainment industry, rather than academia, may have few options for production courses. UMich’s program is well respected in Hollywood and takes a different approach, with an entire building dedicated to film production. For those who prefer to pursue drama on the stage, there is also the minor in Playwriting

Multidisciplinary Ethnic Studies Minors

Programs in African American and Latinx studies are popular at a variety of schools. UMich offers both of these options, but also goes further by offering minors in Scandinavian Studies, Yiddish Studies, and many more. These programs combine literature, foreign language, and social sciences to explore more specific cultural groups that may not be included in the offerings at other schools. Students hoping to pursue academic careers, understand their heritage, or simply discover a new domain of knowledge may benefit from exploring these minors. 

Because UMich has an excellent across-the-board reputation for academics, we often recommend it to students who are undecided about their major. However, these and other highly specialized programs also make it a perfect fit for students who are certain about their career direction or who are seeking a tailored experience. 

Reach out to us to discuss how we can help you learn about which programs at the University of Michigan may be the best fit for you.

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