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Medical School Counselor

Rita graduated from Michigan State University’s honors program with a Bachelor of Science in Physiology. From there, she went to KCOM where she graduated top five in her class. She was a student ambassador for medical admissions during her time there.

Rita has 19 years of medical school admissions experience, including reading personal statement essays, going though primary and secondary applications, as well as sitting on the panel that accepts applicants at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM).

After graduating, she attended the Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University for her Anesthesia residency. During her time there she was an alumni ambassador for medical school admissions as well as helping with residency admissions. She currently is a practicing board certified anesthesiologist. She has three little girls and enjoys traveling with her husband, playing golf, and practicing yoga. She also speaks Arabic and Japanese.

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