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Tow Truck Parent

Barbara Connolly Is Available for Presentations on Parenting

Speaking Engagements

Barbara Connolly, JD, CEP is available for media appearances and speaking engagements. Barbara has spoken on the topic of intensive parenting by a —“helicopter parent”— and encourages parents to practice a less hovering form of supervision, i.e., parenting by a parent she calls a “Tow Truck Parent.” Barbara links different types of parenting to ultimate success for children in the college admission process.


Barbara also speaks on the intricacies of the college admission process and how to make the most of test prep tutoring and college admissions counseling services.


Contact Barbara at 248-294-0099 or for more information and rates.

Tow Truck Parent - Lectures, Seminars & Presentations

In her TEDx talk Barbara Connolly investigates how college obsession, which took root for her in a childhood experience, helped her children later to go to good colleges. Ms. Connolly examines how “helicopter parents,” with all the associated negatives, are actually rare, and an involved parent, better described as a “Tow Truck Parent,” is the type of parenting style she encourages.

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