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Incoming Freshman Can Now Apply Directly to U of M Ross

University of Michigan Ross School of

Students applying for admission to U-M will be able to apply directly to the Ross School of Business starting with the fall 2025 entering class. This is a substantial change as it allows applicants to have certainty as freshmen about whether they are admitted to Ross. This is new and details continue to unfold.

The principal change is that students interested in becoming Ross students will no longer apply to LSA first. They will choose the Ross School of Business as their “First-Year Admitting Unit.” Prospective Ross students will no longer have a dual application or preferred admission option with LSA.

The number of freshmen enrolling in the Ross BBA program will be the same, approximately 500 students. Preferred Admission through certain schools and colleges will continue to be available for prospective students to indicate an interest in becoming a Ross BBA student as a sophomore as part of a dual-degree program. These select schools include engineering, kinesiology (but only sport management within kinesiology), art & design, and music, theatre, and dance.

There will continue to be a transfer admission process for approximately 100 U-M students and 25 students from other colleges and universities. However, it is important to understand that the transfer process is not a second chance or reapplication process for students not admitted to the BBA program as freshmen.

The application deadline for Direct Admission to Ross will be November 1st for Early Action and February 1st for Regular Decision. Applications will still include the Ross Admissions Portfolio, which will be due by the appropriate application deadline. Good news: Ross decisions will be released earlier than in prior years. Starting in fall 2025, decisions will be released consistent with the university schedule of late January for Early Action and early April for Regular Decision.

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